HPAT Ireland

The HPAT – Health Professions Admissions Test is the UMAT equivalent for students wishing to gain admissions into Medicine and Health Sciences in Ireland. It is structured exactly like the UMAT:

  • Section 1: Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving
  • Section 2: Interpersonal Understanding
  • Section 3: Non-verbal Reasoning

Just like UMAT Preparation Courses, there are also HPAT Preparation Courses that provide students with various resources to help them prepare for the test. If you are looking for that extra UMAT help or some new UMAT resources, take a look at some HPAT Sample Questions. The content similarities in the sections of the HPAT and the UMAT mean that HPAT sample questions will be just as valuable as UMAT practice questions in preparing for the upcoming exam.

Some free HPAT sample questions can be found at HPAT Resources.