UMAT New Zealand

The UMAT is now used as an entry requirement for medical and health science courses in New Zealand at University of Auckland and University of Otago. However the structure of the courses in New Zealand are slightly different to universities in Australia.

The University of Auckland:

A requirement of the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery course (MBChB) at the University of Auckland is that students must undertake the Overlapping Year 1 Entry program (OLY1) if they wish to study at an undergraduate level. This means that you will be required to complete the first year of either the Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) or the Bachelor of Science (BSc - Biomedical Science Specialisation) in which you must complete the 8 courses/units achieving a minimum GPA of 6 (which is a B+ average) in order to be considered for entry into part 2 (year 2 and onward) of the MBChB the following year.

The University of Otago:

The University of Otago have a similar structure to the University of Auckland as outlined above. If you wish to undertake the Bachelor of Dental Surgery, the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science, the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery or the Bachelor of Physiotherapy at an undergraduate level you must undertake the Health Sciences First Year Program. This program is basically a general course to prepare students who are seeking entry into any of the professional courses mentioned above. During this first year you must pass all of the prescribed papers for the HSFY on your first attempt, achieving grades of B or higher in order to be considered for entry into the professional degrees in the second year.