Medical Interview Sample Questions

Introductory Questions:

You will be asked some introductory/’ice-breaker’ questions that could include but are not limited to any of the following:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself…
  • What are your interests/hobbies?
  • Tell us about an event that occurred in your life and how it shaped you…

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How to prepare for a medical interview

For many students the interview component of the selection process can be the most daunting. Candidates are generally concerned with the possibility of having challenging questions thrown at them during a panel interview or an MMI. With the MMI in particular, a student's anxiety will often cause them to struggle when forming clear, structured and logical responses during the preparation time before each station (if preparation time is offered - MMI structure may vary depending on the institution) or during their allotted response time. A candidate's performance and ultimately whether or not they are offered a place in a course like Medicine, predominantly comes down to how they prepare just like all of the other selection criteria - the UMAT and the ATAR (or equivalent).

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Medical and Health Science Interviews

Sitting the UMAT in July is not the final hurdle for getting into your dream course. There is one last thing that you need to think about and prepare for - Interviews!

Generally, selection into undergraduate Medical and Health Science courses depends on the following three criteria:

  • ATAR score or equivalent
  • Performance in UMAT
  • Interview

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