Frequently Asked Questions

When will the UMAT be held?

UMAT 2018 will be held on Wednesday 25 July, 2018.

Can I sit the UMAT more than once?

You can sit the UMAT as many times as you like, as long as you are an eligible candidate according to ACER’s standards. Bear in mind that UMAT results only last for one year, that is, for entry into a course the year after you sit the test.

Can I sit the UMAT if I’m in year 11 and taking year 12 subjects?

No. Candidates are only eligible to sit their UMAT if at the time they sit the test, they are in their final year of schooling or higher.

What is ACER?

ACER is the Australian Council for Educational Research; an organization that administers the UMAT. You will need to contact ACER to register for the UMAT. Please visit for more information.

ACER has extensive expertise in developing and using many high stakes tests such as the UMAT, HPAT, GAMSAT etc in many countries.

How do I register for the UMAT?

You can register for the UMAT online at

Do I need to sit the UMAT?

You will need to sit the UMAT if you are interested in any of the following university courses:

  • University of New South Wales (Medicine)
  • University of Newcastle/University of New England (Medicine)
  • University of Western Sydney (Medicine)
  • Charles Sturt University (Dentistry)
  • Monash University (Medicine)
  • University of Queensland (Medicine - conditional entry, Dental Science)
  • Flinders University (Medicine)
  • University of Adelaide (Medicine, Dental Surgery)
  • Charles Darwin University (Clinical Sciences)
  • University of Western Australia (Medicine - conditional entry, Dental Science - conditional entry)
  • Curtin University (Medicine)
  • University of Tasmania (Medicine)
  • University of Otago (Medicine, Dental Surgery)
  • University of Auckland (Medicine)

Where can I get free UMAT resources?

You can get UMAT resources right here! We have a comprehensive diagnostics test with an analysis of your result. Simply head here for the free diagnostics test. We also have additional practice questions and a resources page for additional practice. If you feel like you need additional practice, perhaps look at a UMAT preparation course.


What is MedEntry?

MedEntry UMAT Prep is an international Registered Training Educational institution committed to helping students enter medicine. MedEntry is the trusted UMAT preparation institution which specialises in UMAT Preparation. Unlike other 'grind schools' which have UMAT Prep as an 'add-on', the only thing MedEntry does is UMAT preparation and therefore is focused on this core activity.

We are a team of academics, doctors and professionals with expertise in test development, measurement and analysis. We have been training students for tests such as the UMAT for over 30 years. Our comprehensive course has been remarkably successful in helping students achieve their goals.