UMAT Practice Question 8

Practice Question 8

Read the stimulus provided and answer the 2 accompanying questions.

PLEASE NOTE: The exam will not have  questions formatted like the way below, each of these questions will be seperate (question 8 and 9 respectively):


The following is an interaction between a 28-year-old woman and her doctor.

Doctor: Hi Victoria, what can I do for you?

Patient: Well, I’ve recently had a lot of stomach aches.

Doctor: When did you start noticing them?

Patient: Umm around a week ago. The first one was pretty intense and actually quite embarrassing because it was during a meeting with a potential caterer for my wedding.

Doctor: How intense would you say the pain is?

Patient: The most pain I’ve ever really felt. I’ve had to forgo a lot of meetings with the people involved in my weddings because of the pain. It’s really put my fiancé and I behind in the preparations…

Doctor: Mmm, have you ever had these aches before?

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