UMAT Practice Question 2

Practice Question 2

Bob's wife Mary, has been in hospital recovering from a heart attack. The doctor informs Bob that she is now well enough to return home, although she will need to 'take things easy for a while'.

Bob: I'm glad she can come home now Doctor, but I'm not sure I can look after Mary by myself. We live on our own you know.

Doctor: Bob, it's natural to feel a little anxious, but the best thing for Mary will be to be back in her own environment.

In his response, the doctor has:

A. not realised that Bob is concerned.

B. not really dealt with Bob's concerns.

C. responded to Bob's concerns effectively.

D. made Bob feel bad about being concerned.


Solution: The doctor does indeed realise that Bob is concerned; this is evident where he says "it's natural to feel a little anxious". This effectively eliminates A. His use of the word "natural" is reassuring Bob that he needn't feel bad about his concerns, thus eliminating D. Option C is incorrect because whilst he says that Mary will be best in her own home, he has not addressed Bob's concerns as to how he could look after his wife.

The correct answer is B