UMAT Practice Question 8

Practice Question 8

Read the stimulus provided and answer the 2 accompanying questions.

PLEASE NOTE: The exam will not have  questions formatted like the way below, each of these questions will be seperate (question 8 and 9 respectively):


The following is an interaction between a 28-year-old woman and her doctor.

Doctor: Hi Victoria, what can I do for you?

Patient: Well, I’ve recently had a lot of stomach aches.

Doctor: When did you start noticing them?

Patient: Umm around a week ago. The first one was pretty intense and actually quite embarrassing because it was during a meeting with a potential caterer for my wedding.

Doctor: How intense would you say the pain is?

Patient: The most pain I’ve ever really felt. I’ve had to forgo a lot of meetings with the people involved in my weddings because of the pain. It’s really put my fiancé and I behind in the preparations…

Doctor: Mmm, have you ever had these aches before?

8a) What best describes the doctor’s overall tone?

A. Eschewing

B. Churlish

C. Direct

D. Repugnant


8b) What would be a suitable response to the patient?

A. The pain must be quite stressful especially when you’re so busy. Let’s try and find out the cause of the pain.

B. It must be difficult trying to plan a wedding while having these pains. I’ll prescribe you some medication for the pain.

C. I can imagine it must be hard for you. Have you considered hiring a wedding organiser?

D. I imagine it must be quite hard to plan a wedding and be debilitated by these stomach pains.




 A is incorrect because he is not ignoring her wedding related anxieties, but is more focused on the symptoms. B is incorrect as he may seem rude, but this is too strong of a word to describe his tone. D is incorrect as the doctor is not hostile or offensive. C is the best answer because the doctor seems more focused on the symptoms and has seemed to overlook the burden the pain has upon the patient’s wedding plans.




 Though B may seem like an option the patient would appreciate, it fails to investigate the cause of the patient’s stomach aches which is the real problem in the scenario. C is likewise incorrect as it avoids the issue of the patient’s pain entirely. D shows empathy without acting to improve the patient’s situation or answer her concerns, so it is not the best option. A is the best answer because it shows the doctor building rapport, as he shows he understands her main worry, while also being proactive in order to solve the issues.