UMAT Practice Question 5

Botanists studied a rainforest in Nicaragua that had been ravaged by Hurricane Joan in 1988. They found that in the following ten years the number of tree species had increased by at least 200%, and up to 300%, in eight storm-affected plots. Other plots not affected by the hurricane showed little if any such increase.

From this information, it can be concluded that:

A. hurricanes play a very important role in ensuring the long-term survival of tropical rain forests.

B. when the dominant trees in an area of tropical rainforest are destroyed, other species are given a chance to flourish.

C. the overall life of tropical rainforest is increased if large areas are occasionally levelled to the ground.

D. the productivity of a tropical rainforest will be maximised if large areas are occasionally levelled to the ground.

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UMAT Practice Question 3

Practice Question 3

The presence together of carbon, water and temperature at which water is ordinarily a liquid are essential to life on earth.

Question: Which of the following can be deduced from the passage?

A. Life on the moon seems impossible since the moon has no water.

B. Living things must be made up of elements that are known to us.

C. All living things on earth use carbon.

D. The conditions given in the statements are the only ones essential to life on earth.

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UMAT Practice Question 4

In the following passage, an adolescent boy talks about living with a disability.

As I have been disabled all my life, I have managed to cope with the purely practical problems arising with a minimum of fuss. I felt no loss, because I had no feelings of 'normality' to compare with. One of my physical problems is that I am short, about 127 centimetres tall. I was constantly mistaken by strangers for a little kid. It's a real pain for a 16-year-old boy to be handed a kid's menu every time he enters a restaurant. it is even worse when mere coherent speech is greeted with awe.

For the writer, the main problem with his disability is:

A. the embarrassment of being short.

B. never knowing what it is to be 'normal'.

C. dealing with other people's preconceptions.

D. coping with the practical problems caused by his condition.

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UMAT Practice Question 2

Practice Question 2

Bob's wife Mary, has been in hospital recovering from a heart attack. The doctor informs Bob that she is now well enough to return home, although she will need to 'take things easy for a while'.

Bob: I'm glad she can come home now Doctor, but I'm not sure I can look after Mary by myself. We live on our own you know.

Doctor: Bob, it's natural to feel a little anxious, but the best thing for Mary will be to be back in her own environment.

In his response, the doctor has:

A. not realised that Bob is concerned.

B. not really dealt with Bob's concerns.

C. responded to Bob's concerns effectively.

D. made Bob feel bad about being concerned.

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