UMAT Structure

The UMAT consists of 3 hours of test time, however it is recommended that you allow 4 to 4.5 hours from the arrival time for testing procedure (registration etc.) as well as the total test time. Depending on the testing centre and number of candidates at each centre, registration times may vary. 

All candidates will be given 10 minutes reading time at the start of the test. This time will be for reading and checking the printing of the test booklet. Candidates will not be allowed to make notes or marks on the booklet or answer sheet during this time.

Candidates will be given three hours to complete the test which is a blend of the following 3 constructs:

Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving

  • The questions in this section are in written form however some may present information in a visual or tabular format

Interpersonal Understanding

  • The questions in this section are all in written form

Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • The questions in this section are based entirely on visual material (there is no written information)