UMAT Resources

The following links will help you with your ongoing study for the UMAT Exam. The links consists of free practice questions sourced from other websites, study tips and more.




Logical Reasoning style Questions

Great questions on the old Section 1 style questions.

Understanding People style Questions

A nice variety of section 2 style questions

Non-verbal reasoning style Questions

Simple section 3 style questions, still highly useful.

Free UMAT Trial Exam, new format

Amazing free practice exam that’s formatted to match the new UMAT exam.

UMAT Study Tip: Educational Guessing

A good read on how to better your chances when you don’t know the answer

Additional Questions

Some good questions on various sections


10 Great tips on preparing for UMAT

UMAT Preparation Tips

More Tips on how you should study for the UMAT, keep in mind it is slightly outdated (talking about the old format) however, the information is still relevant.

Additional UMAT Sample Questions

PDF containing additional sample questions

If you feel like you need further help, maybe a UMAT preparation course is something you might want to do. However, with so many companies nowadays, it is quite hard to find one suitable for your needs within your budget. Regardless of who you decide to go with, keep in mind that just entering the course is not a free ride to a good UMAT score. You will have to put in effort and utilise the vast amounts of resources available to you.