UMAT Exam Opportunities

The UMAT is sat once a year in cities all over the world. You will be notified of your reporting time and exact test centre location via your admission ticket which is released 2 weeks before the UMAT. Candidates are assigned to testing centres in their chosen city/town.

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UMAT Registration

The UMAT is offered annually. Each year the test is held on the last Wednesday of July. UMAT 2018 will be held on Wednesday the 25 July 2018.

It is vital that you familiarise yourself with the important dates and times during the year so that you do not end up missing out on registering for the UMAT. Each year some students will miss out on sitting the UMAT because they failed to register on time and consequently they become ineligible for their desired Medical or Health Science course.

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UMAT Scoring

Each section of the UMAT is equally weighted, however the questions within each section are weighted differently depending on the portion of students who correctly answered them (a question most students answered correctly will be worth less than a question which very few people got correct).

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Am I eligible to sit the UMAT?

In order to be eligible to sit the UMAT you must be in your final year of secondary schooling or higher (year 12 for Australian Students, Year 13 for New Zealand Students).  Therefore students planning to register for UMAT2018 should have completed their secondary studies or plan to complete them in 2018.

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