UMAT Registration

The UMAT is offered annually. Each year the test is held on the last Wednesday of July. UMAT 2018 will be held on Wednesday the 25 July 2018.

It is vital that you familiarise yourself with the important dates and times during the year so that you do not end up missing out on registering for the UMAT. Each year some students will miss out on sitting the UMAT because they failed to register on time and consequently they become ineligible for their desired Medical or Health Science course.

Registration for the UMAT is done online via the ACER website. Online registration usually opens at the beginning of December in the year before and closes at the beginning of June.


Late registrations for the UMAT will be accepted for up to exactly 2 weeks after the online registration closing date, however you will be charged a late fee of $65 in addition to the regular fee of $250 for the UMAT. Candidates who hold a concession card will not be exempted from payment of the late fee where applicable. After the closing date for late registration is it NOT POSSIBLE to register for the UMAT.

UMAT Fees for 2018:

  • UMAT 2018 Registration Fee: $250 (covers online registration for the test, some preparation material, materials required for the paper test, and provision of test results).
  • Concession Registration Fee: $150 - available to candidates who hold a current Health Care card or Pensioner Concession Card (both issued by Centrelink), or who are listed as a dependant on the current Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card of a parent or guardian.

UMAT Refund Terms:

Application fees for the 2087 test will be refunded on request up to the closing date for late registration. An administrative charge of $40 will be deducted.

After that date, the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. ACER fulfils its commitment to you by reserving a place for you (which would otherwise be available to another) in UMAT and making all necessary preparations (which need to be completed a reasonable time before you sit the UMAT) for you to sit the test. If for any reason you are unable to participate in UMAT and you fail to notify ACER prior to the date stated in the refund terms above, your registration fee will not be refunded.

There is no penalty other than the loss of your fee, if you register for the test but do not sit.