Tips for Parents and Students

The process of applying for any undergraduate study is stressful for both students and parents.

Here are some helpful tips for how you can help your child throughout this process:

1. Understand what is needed to get into medicine:

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Combine UMAT Prep with technology to get ahead!

Today the most efficient UMAT preparation companies are opting to provide students with online resources rather than the traditional, hard-copy materials. Preparation for the UMAT exam no-longer needs to be in a classroom because advances in technology make it possible for students to learn almost anywhere. Now that distance learning is possible through smartphones, tablet computers and laptops, the time taken to master skills for UMAT can be significantly decreased and more time can be spent applying these skills to practice questions.

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10 Tips for UMAT Success


If you wanted to do well in a test, you wouldn’t walk in unprepared. The UMAT is no different! Make sure you prepare appropriately for the test by exposing yourself to UMAT style questions that simulate the questions you are likely to receive on the day, so that you can hone you logical reasoning and problem solving skills as they are essential to scoring high on the UMAT.

2. UMAT Prep Courses – beware of the scams!

There are many websites that claim to be UMAT prep organisations when they are actually scam websites. If you avoid these websites and go with a good quality UMAT prep course you are sure to get the quality preparation that you pay for so that you can practice your UMAT skills, guage your strengths and weaknesses and improve your ability to respond efficiently to questions in a timely manner.

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Gaming Psychometric Tests

You may think to yourself: what is the point of tests like the UMAT? Don’t they say you can’t prepare?

Psychometric tests like the UMAT are actually becoming very popular in the human resources industry. Employers use them as selection criteria when hiring an employee, particularly graduate jobs, just as the UMAT test is one of the selection criteria for entering Medicine at an undergraduate level. Simple personality tests are being used less and less as they assume that all aspects of an individual’s personality are fixed, however psychometric tests like the UMAT yield results that represent how and individual’s traits vary from situation to situation. It is another screening system to eliminate unsuitable candidates, by providing deeper information about their capabilities than the well-rehearsed spiel they provide in an interview or on their resume.

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