New format for UMAT in 2013

ACER has made some notable changes to the format of the UMAT exam for 2013.

Previously students had three distinct sections to work through (Section 1 - 48 questions - 70 minutes, Section 2 - 44 questions - 55 minutes, and Section 3 - 42 questions - 55 minutes).

Now ACER has mixed all three question types into one three hour exam. The types of questions has not changed, but ACER now refers to them as "constructs", and refers to these constructs by the question type, namely: Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Understanding People and Non-verbal Reasoning. 

The candidate will now have to complete a total mixture of these three question types in the three hour exam. 

The total number of questions remains unchanged at 134, but students should be prepared to change their thought processes from one question type to another, as they work their way through the exam.

The student is given four scores, one per test construct, plus an overall score (now reported as an aggregate rather than an average as in previous years).

There will also be a ten minute reading time (to check that the exam is complete and without error) before the commencement of the exam.

There are websites dedicated to training students according to this new format. For more information click here.