Tips for Parents and Students

The process of applying for any undergraduate study is stressful for both students and parents.

Here are some helpful tips for how you can help your child throughout this process:

1. Understand what is needed to get into medicine:

  • Discuss what career path your child is interested in.
  • Encourage them to speak to health professionals and other medical students.

2. Map out a timeline and enrol in UMAT preparation

  • The UMAT is the first hurdle – make sure you are aware of the application deadline
  • Research the requirements for each university your child is interested in with them. Be aware that Universities may have different dates for their various application requirement deadlines.

3. Allocate time for UMAT

  • UMAT preparation is critical to keep you in line with other candidates as entrance into health professional courses has become very competitive. A student's UMAT score is just as important as their ATAR score.
  • Help your child allocate time each week for UMAT training. A good tip is to treat the UMAT like a year 12 subject. Spend as much time studying for the UMAT each week as you would any other year 12 subject.

4. Tell them they have your support

  • We know as parents you will want to ensure your child has the best opportunity for reaching their potential and attaining their desire to study a health degree.  Knowing you have the support of your family makes the leap into tertiary education much smoother.