UMAT Practice Questions Australia

UMAT Practice Questions aims to help students with their preparation for the upcoming UMAT test. In addition to our free UMAT practice questions we are offering students a free diagnostic UMAT practice exam to get them started. This site provides students with an abundance of UMAT help, tips, advice and resources in order for them to maximise their UMAT score.

What is the UMAT?

The Undergraduate Medical and Health Science Admissions Test (UMAT) is a test that is specifically designed to contribute to the selection process for students aiming to enter undergraduate degrees in areas such as Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences at an undergraduate level.

UMAT Australia

Students must follow one of two pathways in order to study Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at university: the undergraduate entry pathway or the postgraduate entry pathway. For students who want to pursue careers in the industries mentioned above, one of the major questions they need to ask themselves is: “Which pathway of medical entrance in Australia should I choose?”

UMAT New Zealand

The UMAT is now used as an entry requirement for medical and health science courses in New Zealand at University of Auckland and University of Otago. However the structure of the courses in New Zealand are slightly different to universities in Australia.

HPAT Ireland

The HPAT – Health Professions Admissions Test is the UMAT equivalent for students wishing to gain admissions into Medicine and Health Sciences in Ireland. It is structured exactly like the UMAT:

  • Section 1: Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving
  • Section 2: Interpersonal Understanding
  • Section 3: Non-verbal Reasoning
UMAT Practice Questions Australia